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The world is just a click away-thanks to the mobile revolution which will electrify more than 5 billion users till 2019. Smartphones have become the best companions of consumers to shop, to move around, to eat, and to pay. That’s what GO-Gulf has realized and aims at delivering the best app development services around the globe.

The mission of experts at GO-Gulf is not just to deliver you an app, but a success secret for your business. From abstract to strategy, design, and development, we work in close collaboration with our clients. That’s because client satisfaction comes first for us.

What We Offer – App Development Dubai?

At GO-Gulf, we offer three types of mobile app development services: web apps, native apps, hybrid apps.


Web App Development:

If you want to target the audiences of multiple platforms from a single app, then state of the art web app development services of GO-Gulf should be your choice. A web app needs a browser like Chrome, Safari, or FireFox to run. It has limited access to device utilities hence limiting the functionalities, still suiting your business needs. How? GO-Gulf’s Expert App Developers experts will tell you.


Why Web Apps?

  • Don’t take storage on user device
  • Easy to build and maintain
  • Implement responsive design capabilities
  • Don’t require an app store submission
  • Save time and cost to develop, launch and market the app
  • No need to download to access
  • Updates itself without user intervention
  • One app for all platforms from desktop to smartphones


Native App Development:

If you want enhanced user experience or target the smartphone loving audiences, then native apps, created by Go-Gulf app developers, best suit your goals. These apps need an application store to install like Google’s play store or Apple’s app store.


Why Native Apps?

  • Take storage space on user device
  • Broad functionalities using the device capabilities
  • Fast and responsive software performance
  • Encourages more user engagement
  • Gain user attention through push notifications
  • Suitable for any future extension
  • Quality assurance through app store ratings
  • Take advantage of new Apple and Android features


Hybrid App Development:

If you want to provide your customers with a native app experience on the web, means app is developed for once and then deployed on multiple device types; then Go-Gulf offers affordable Hybrid app development dubai services.


Why Hybrid Apps?

  • Can store locally but on server side
  • Can be distributed via app stores or search engines
  • Same user experience as of native app
  • Faster and low cost than native apps
  • Don’t need a web browser; instead run in a simplified browser within the app
  • Faster to deploy multiple times across multiple platforms
  • Full use of device features makes maintenance easier
  • Great for expansion and testing new features

What kind of app development is suitable for your business? If you know, share with us; if you don’t know, contact Go-Gulf experts for the right guidance and support. Our happy and satisfied clientele have helped us becoming the top web development company in UAE.

We are ready to make you a big hit! Can you trust? Have a look at our projects or let’s start by sending your enquiry.