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Internet Usage in Bahrain – Statistics and Trends [Infographic]

March 6, 2017

Did you know Bahrain has internet penetration of 93% and social media penetration of 78%. Check out our infographic on “Internet Usage in Bahrain” for latest internet usage statistics and trends.

Internet Usage in Bahrain

Infographic by GO Gulf Web design Company Bahrain

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Estimated population in Bahrain – 1,378,904

Estimated Internet Penetration – 93%

Estimated Social Media Penetration – 78%

Time Spent per week Using Mobile Internet – 19 Hours

Estimated Percentage of internet users who use internet at least once a day for following activities

Instant Messaging72%
Check your email70%
Look for news-local, national, international68%
Visit social networking or video-sharing websites62%
Play online Games30%
Post photos or pictures on the Internet29%
Read web-logs (Blogs)29%
Look for health information29%
Look at religious or spiritual sites28%
Download or listen to music25%
Look for travel information10%
Look for jobs, work5%


52% of Bahrain internet users think that by using the internet they can better understand the nature of politics whereas 38% people think they can have more say about government policies by using internet

30% of internet users are worried about government checking what they do online

86% of users consider internet as important source for news and events whereas 82% consider it as important source for entertainment

%age of Social Media Users by Platform

Social Media Platform%ge of social media users


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