E-Commerce Middle East &
Corporate Solutions

Our fast-changing digital economy brings to light the immense value of e-commerce as a viable business strategy for small and growing enterprises in reaching a larger audience. E-shops are known for their accessibility and flexibility, especially as it touches shopping.

How would it be if you grow your small business to the status of Walmart, the world’s largest retailer? Mind-blowing? Yes, but very realizable. All it takes is that you adopt strategies that sustain your business. That is where we come in, we are experienced professionals who can help you engage the right methods and optimize your prevailing resources in order for you to achieve reasonable milestones with time.

Typical E-commerce Modules

  • Shopping Cart
  • Membership Management
  • Bank & Payment Gateway Integration
  • Catalogue & Product Management
  • Custom Search
  • Printable Invoice
  • Shipping
  • Tax

Why E-commerce? Buyer’s Advantages

  • Reduction in buyer’s sorting out time
  • Better decisions on buying
  • Less time spent resolving invoice & order discrepancies
  • Increased opportunities for buying alternative products

Web Portals Development

GO-Gulf delivers efficient single point of access for the collation of information for the taking of informed business decisions. The web portal presents an interactive, user-friendly and functional means for users to navigate through. Business efficiency, increased security and the speedy development of business are all different benefits to be brought about by the web portal.

Benefits of web portals

  • Anywhere, anytime access
  • Multiple access & Multitasking support
  • Portal members access only
  • Improved communication
  • Easy user customization
  • Instant notifications & Actions
  • Easy community connection
  • Dynamic content changes
  • Secure access point, and many others

Leads Management & ERP

Allow us help you keep track of helpful lead details and ultimately convert them to repeat customers by means of our tried and trusted leads management system. This system gives users the option of being integrated to ERP or may be used as a different leads management module.

ERP is great for making the entire leads management process effective by putting together all the software and applications used by the firm. The integrated ERP software will help update all of the departments of the company with real time.

ERP and Lead Management system is great for you as an entrepreneur and a business owner in the following way: Helps you establish immediate contact with your clients, it’s an opportunity to show your clients that you are an expert in your field, and it allows you to be in constant communication with your clients.

Magento Based Development

Magento is a system that facilitates the effective management of online business or e-commerce business. At GO-Gulf, there is an expert team tasked with the building, support an management of all Magento based developments.

  • Exchanging large data volume
  • Sharing product catalogs
  • Collaboration with other companies
  • Sharing information with partners, and many more

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