Custom Development &
Custom Web Design

Bespoke solutions are made intentionally to achieve a predefined outcome. In the world of business, efficiency, security, speed, flexibility, scalability and functionality are vital determinants of success and as such must be made to fit your vision.

When cars are made generically, they perform commonly. But for cars that are intended to sprint, extra care is taken in the design and crafting of its parts in order to achieve the specific goal of a higher acceleration. Choosing a custom solution for your business is important in order to adapt specific strategies to attain the results you desire, when you attach bespoke solutions to your own professional know-how, you set the tune for success.

Projects made specifically stay for a longer time and generally deliver better, needing less supervision and monitoring. You get more value for your money and time than what you would have achieved originally.

GO international development cycle includes:

  • Client Objectives
  • Available Resources
  • Idea Generation
  • Layout, Usability and Functionality
  • Project Mapping + Structure
  • Demo Corrections
  • Detailed Enhancements
  • Project Development
  • Testing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Deployment
  • Support and Promotion

Core Business Web based Apps

Applications formed on the basis of the web, better known as ‘web apps’ hold several similarities to websites and may be navigated using a URL via a network connection. The applications may run on a web browser, but can still be made to be part of a program that can be downloaded to a desktop.

Web apps as a tool for running business in a now preferred way to distribute web based apps, since the speed of browsing will never diminish:

What we do:

  • Intranet and Extranet
  • Web Application Interfaces
  • Web Portals
  • Social Network Applications
  • Custom Product Catalogs
  • Reservation Systems
  • Customer Relationship Management, and many more

Mobile Design & Development

Over 5 billion people in 2019 own a mobile phone. Every day, this number is increasing with the more people getting multiple gadgets. With a great mobile app design that we can deliver at GO-Gulf, you can tap from this immense number of business prospects.

Our goal is to help our clients come about highly-converting strategies via intricately made designs and collaborations. We do not spare any resource in the execution of our duties because the satisfaction of our clients is always all that matters to us.

Some benefits of mobile developments are integration of mobile user, increasing learner engagement, and lastly future proofing training content.

At GO-Gulf, we offer three types of mobile app development services and they include: Web Apps, Native Apps and Hybrid.

  • Business Analysis & Consulting
  • User Experience Testing
  • Information architecture
  • SEO & Web Analytics
  • Logos, stationery design, and many more

Web Apps

With Web Apps, you can reach out to your audience on a number of platforms from a single app. Web Apps traditionally need browsers like Chrome, Firefox or Safari to perform and they are best suited for an older market.

Web Apps help you get across to prospects on mainstream internet hubs using just one app and they are great for engaging the older market.

These are chosen for a number of reasons, and one of these reasons include the fact that it affords the business owner the opportunity to scale up without stress or hassles. It is also very compatible with most software since it is web based and doesn’t require any physical download.

Why Web apps?

  • Intranet and Extranet
  • Web Application Interfaces
  • Web Portals
  • Social Network Applications
  • Custom Product Catalogs
  • Reservation Systems
  • Customer Relationship Management, and many more

Native App Development

To further amplify your user experience and get through majorly an audience that uses smartphones, the native app is perfect. Native apps have application stores like Apple’s App store and Google Play store where you can download apps from.

Some of the benefits of using Native Apps include quality performance, security, more interaction with users and the liberty it gives developers to access the full feature set of devices and finally.

Some of its benefits include:

Why Native Apps?

  • Take storage space on user device
  • Broad functionalities using the device capabilities
  • Fast and responsive software performance
  • Encourages more user engagement
  • Gain user attention through push notifications
  • Suitable for any future extension
  • Quality assurance through app store ratings
  • Take advantage of new Apple and Android features

Hybrid App Development

If you then desire to give your audience a Native app experience on your website, then it would mean that your app is developed for one and then useable across multiple device types. The hybrid app increases the speed and ease of integration, along with the user experience.

Why Hybrid Apps?

  • Can store locally but on server side
  • Can be distributed via app stores or search engines
  • Same user experience as of native app
  • Faster and low cost than native apps
  • Don’t need a web browser; instead run in a simplified
  • Browser within the app
  • Faster to deploy multiple times across multiple platforms
  • Full use of device features makes maintenance easier
  • Great for expansion and testing new features

Content Management Platforms

At GO-Gulf, we specialize in all types of management platforms like Drupal, Laravel, Wordpress and Joomla, we are able to use any of these platforms according to the specific need of your business.

Content management platforms help users who do not have much technical know-how use their platforms with ease, navigating through all of the tools easily. These platforms also allow for multiple users, streaming line schedules, improves site maintenance, helps change design and manages content.

Why Content Management Platforms?

  • Helps you easily manage whole website content from the comfort of your desk
  • Extendable functionality, through large number of plugins and extensions
  • Simple and easy to use, technical know-how isn’t required
  • Reduces unnecessary costs and time for simple site updates
  • Control what users can see and publish content in real-time

Performance Optimization

Streamlining your content and deciding on the right server to load your web page at a increased speed are all a part of performance optimization.

We have professionals who are available to competently analyze the performance problems from a server side and the client side in order to rightly identify the source of any problem that may be in the system.

The gains of optimizing performance include: Compliance assurance, increased access to accurate information, performance monitoring capabilities, and reduction in wastefulness.

Here is a list of features used for an optimized performance:

  • Making fewer HTTP requests
  • File compression for improving site responsiveness
  • Leveraging the browser cache
  • Minimize code using code minification
  • Reduce image sizes while maintaining quality
  • Adopt cloud-based website monitoring
  • Setting up of SSL certificate/ HTTPS
  • Database optimization by creating indexes for faster access

Security and Hosting

Hosting your website or app securely is important if you hope to efficiently fight against viruses and unethical systems. Doing this will guarantee that you run your business all day and week long without hitches. With our professional monitors, we can monitor our client’s servers and ensure that their systems run smoothly, devoid of any corrupt data and downtime.

With our security and hosting services, you enjoy the: lowering your operating cost, there is no need for extra support staff, server monitoring, and support anytime and anywhere, and lastly, progress is always backed up.

Why Security and Hosting?

  • "99% up-time and uninterrupted email services
  • 24/7 monitoring with high-speed access to all internet up-links
  • Control panel with user-friendly applications
  • Secure email access from anywhere using POP/SMTP/IMAP or webmail
  • CSF/IP table based firewall technology

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