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CEOs on Social Media Statistics [Infographic]

24 Jan 2013

Only 47.4 % of CEOs participate on social media sites. 79% of Inc 500 CEOs and 30% of Fortune 500 CEOs have a presence on at least one social media network. 81% of employees believe that CEOs who engage on

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How Organizations Structure Social Media Teams

30 Dec 2012

Learn how much efforts businesses are putting in their social media campaigns. How many people they have employed for their social media campaigns, what qualities employers look for in social media experts by our detailed infographic on How Organizations Structure

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Leading publications that have mentioned GO-Gulf

03 SEP 2012

Recently, GO-Gulf has been featured in several top websites and publications, one of them being the exclusive Awwwards list of top 5 web agencies. When Karel Zeman, a Czech Republic citizen founded GO-Gulf.com in 2005, little did we think that

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Global Online Advertising Spending Statistics [Infographic]

02 MAY 2012

The online advertising market is experiencing continuous, significant growth each year. More and more companies are now allocating a significant portion of their marketing budget for online advertising, over traditional methods, mainly for the following three reasons: It is easy

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Fortune 500 Social Media Statistics [Infographic]

02 FEB 2012

Social media has become a great tool for companies and businesses to market their products and to connect with their customers. All big search engines have already updated their ranking algorthms to include social media signals as a metric for

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How People Spend Their Time Online [Infographic]

02 FEB 2012

Have you ever wondered what a normal Internet user do? How do people spend their time online. What are the most popular Internet activities. What are the most visited websites? Or on What websites People Spend most of their time.

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20 Interesting Facts About Youtube [Infographic]

02 Sep 2010

Youtube is the most popular video sharing website on Web and the world’s third most Visited website (according to Alexa). Youtube Founders – Chad Hurley, Steve and Jawed fot this idea during a dinner party in Steve Chen’s Apartment in

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