Social Gaming Industry – Statistics & Trends [Infographic]

Social Gaming has become a big industry and estimated to reach 50% of social networking users and 34% of total internet population by 2014. Check our  infographic “Social Gaming Industry – Statistics & Trends ” to know more about social gamers, worldwide social gaming market , Monetization of the Social Gaming Industry  and lot more.

Social Gaming Industry – Statistics & Trends

Infographic by- GO-Gulf

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Distribution of Social Gamers by Gender

Gender %age
Male 46%
Female 54%

Average age of gamer: Social Network Games Vs Console GamesFemale 40 Years Vs Male 37 Years

Social Gamers by Age Group

Age Group %age
13-18 13%
19-25 23.5%
26-35 22%
36-45 17%
46+ 24.5%


Social games are centered on shared user experience with in the social media application framework (such as FaceBook) in which they are played.

Worldwide Social Gaming Market (2011-2014)

Year Size ( In Billions)
2011 4.94
2012 6.20
2013 7.49
2014 8.64

By 2014, 50% of social networking users and 34% of total internet users will play social games.

Monetization of the Social Gaming Industry

Categories %age
Virtual Goods 59.9%
Advertising 20.5%
Lead Generation/Offers 19.6%

 The average engagement rate of Social Gaming Ads is 20%, as compared to 0.50% of FaceBook-brand pages

Stats Of Virtual Items Purchased: 1-5% Of Social Gaming Population

Amount Spent Per Month % Of Spenders
$25 or more 15%
$5-10 25%
$1-5 60%

The US social gaming market will reach $5 billion by 2015

Top 10 Social Gaming Developers Based on Monthly Active Users (MAU)

Social Gaming Publisher Estimated MAU
Zynga 213,557,360 99,457,975
Wooga 46,556,808
Social Point 38,987,966
Electronic Arts 33,675,645
Peak Games 28,174,309
Playdom 17,870,120
Pretty Simple 16,710,731
FunPlus Games 15,848,532
PopCap Games 14,979,962

 Social and mobile gaming video Ads have the highest completion rate in the online Ad industry, i.e., 91%.

Top 10 Social Games By Number Of MAUs

Name Of Social Game Estimated MAUs
Candy Crush Saga 36,755,272
Farmville 2 35,399,969
Texas HoldEm Poker 34,094,642
Pet Rescue Saga 27,491,799
Diamond Dash 26,478,075
Dragon City 22,779,581
CoasterVille 19,601,022
Bubble Witch Saga 18,878,261
Bubble Safari 15,619,302
Criminal Case 14,488,657


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