Online Piracy in Numbers – Facts and Statistics [Infographic]

Online Piracy or Internet Piracy is a serious problem that online community is facing. To understand how big Online Piracy.

Infographic by- GO-Gulf

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Below are some facts-

70% of Online Users Find Nothing Wrong in Online Piracy

67% of Digital piracy sites are hosted in North America and Western Europe

22% of all global Internet bandwidth is used for Online Piracy

98.8% of Data transferred using P2P networks is copyrighted

91.5% of filed available for download on Cyberlockers sites (Rapidshare, Megaupload,etc) are copyrighted material

Only 1 out of 10,000 pcs of the most popular content on the OpenBitTorrent tracker is non-copyrighted

Websites hosting pirated content receive more than 146 Million visitors per day.

$12.5 billion in economic losses each year due to Piracy in the music industry

71,060 jobs lost in the United States every year due to Online Piracy

$2.7 billion in workers’ earnings are lost each year due to Online Piracy

95% of music downloaded online is illegal

An average iPod contains pirated music of $800

42% of Softwares running in World are illegally downloaded

$59 billion of Softwares were illegally downloaded in 2010

More than 75% of computers have at least 1 downloaded illegal application

Two-Thirds of Torrents available online are illegal

Pornography is the most pirated item on web with 35.8% followed by Movies with 35.2%

Hollywood Movie “Avatar” is the most pirated movie of 2010 and was downloaded more than 17,000,000 times

China has the Highest online piracy rate of 91% in world followed by Columbia with 90% and Russia with 80% online piracy rate.

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6 RESPONSES TO “Online Piracy in Numbers – Facts and Statistics [Infographic]

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  3. Tim Tolson

    Can you provide some sources for the facts provided? For example, 70% of Online Users Find Nothing Wrong in Online Piracy – who did the survey, when was it done, how many people were sampled, what’s the sampling error – how broad was the sample, was it random. etc.

    Similar for 98.8% of Data transferred using P2P networks is copyrighted
    who did this study, how was it determined, etc.

    Without verifiable sources, these facts are just unverified assertions.

    Also who are you funded by? Entertainment industry? Artists? Independently?
    What’s your interest in this issue?
    Without knowing who’s stating this, again it’s unverifiable and possibly bias.

    • admin

      Hello Tim,

      We have updated the post with source links. We do not get funded for infographics and do them independently on topics that can be of interest to our readers. You are always welcome to check our other infographics as well.

      GO-Gulf Team

  4. Jonathan

    Thank you very much, I am going to a Mock congress on April 12th & 13th and one of my topics is online piracy,
    and this help me very much.

  5. admin


    Thanks for your comment, we have only researched the data from reliable sources and put them in to our infographic.You can check the source links in post.

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